1999 gouache on paper 16 x 12 inches

Momentos  May 4, 1999

I made a painting today of my memory

Of your momentos sent home from WWII, Holland.

I’m sad for you  that you had to be so strong

And put on a brave act when you returned home.

Oh you kept it all hidden without a trace,

The mud and blood and death you had faced.

The guilt, the pain, the terror, the loss 

Was never to be seen on your face,

Except years later, in my own private hell.

I always loved those red shoes and tried to imagine

How much you loved your mother 

To have sent them to her.

I tried to imagine that person

So I could fool myself and think you loved me too.

This is how much I love you to this day

That I can remember you despite our own war

In such a beautiful way.

© 2009