Green Book

Green Book

2003 gouache on paper 20 x 16 inches

Green Book  June 8, 2003

I tried meditating 

And saw an image floating in space

Of a green book,  a big, handmade

Green book.

I could see it from all angles.

It was glowing and awesomely beautiful.

I soon realized it was me or (the story) of my life.

It looked all battered and water logged.

The edges were all frayed.

I could tell a lot of the large hand pressed pages 

Were stuck together after being soaked.

I knew these pages would never be able to be

Unstuck because they dried that way.

This made me feel very sad.

I knew it had to do with my near drowning.

I wanted to know everything inside 

I considered how to possibly separate them.

But I was concerned that I may never know

What was on the stuck pages.

I still came away with the lasting memory of how 

Incredibly beautiful and peaceful

This big handmade green book was.

© 2009