2003 gouache on paper 20 x 16 inches

Diana  Sept. 1, 2003

Diana’s dead

The bowling alley man said.

Dead in a tunnel in France.

It can’t be true

Is there a chance?


I sat and watched tv all day

When I went to bed

Oh, Diana’s dead,

I cried and cried last night.


Once in London when I was 25

And you were not yet married,

I was on my way to a bank function

In my fancy royal blue dress.

Some workers said “Hello Diana” -

I felt so flattered.

I’ve always kept that with me.


Not that I didn’t envy how everyone notices

Your beauty and charm.

I sometimes wanted to be you.

But now you’re dead.

And I’m me instead

Remembering you always fondly.

© 2009