BEING BELLE - What is that about?

I just want to be.  That may sound corny, or silly - but just being me, being able to live as the culmination of my experiences, has taken a lifetime of battles and many miracles.  Basically, I am a miracle.  To be Belle - to be ME - whether someone calls me Belle, or whether they call me PattyCake, PattiBelle, Mommy, Sweetness, Tricia, Trixie, Trish Bunny, Patty, Patricia, Pat, or Pixie - that is what I write about.

Through recounting years of dreams, nightmares and flashbacks; through writing poems, rhymes or writing without thinking (scary but - wow); through painting; through motherhood; through marriage and sometimes just by focusing on laundry to get through a hairy moment, I have arrived here and now as me.  It’s an ongoing process though - but one I am proud of.

Email me:  belle@beingbelle.com

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